So far, all we know is that it's semi-futuristic, there's magic, and there's a ton of fantasy-type creatures. Cool. But we need to flesh that out. And an over-arching plot would be nice. Here's some ideas:

Characters are allied to one of two factions (maybe some neutral or whatever factions as well.) RP consists of either quests to farther one factions power or battles between factions.

We just RP and take backstory and what happens in RP to make a storyline. 

Regardless, the plan is to add pages for each RP with a crash course of what happened, and link the characters involved to said pages. On the flip side, we'd have to decide what was canon or not. 

I'm also thinking of starting up some RP on the forums, as we never seem to all be on and ready at the same time. 

Side note: Characters should be submited to the forums/Message Wall before a page is made for them.

I'm open to ideas.