race: gnome age: 20 power: pickpocketing. weapon: Bugslayer. It is a small dagger, but whenever I loose it, it wil come back to me. (melee, s, 0/2) freeform: 7

special skills ( or however the your-guy-only-stuff is called).: I'm extremely good in pickpocketing. Also I'm great at running away. a verry usefull combination, hyper speed

appearence: I'm short, a bit taller then a dwarf, but i'm skinny. I have a black topknot. I wear alot of pounches to put the stuff i "borrow" from other people in. I'm a very happy, but not at all serious person. I love adventure, but i don't think to much. I wear verry bright collers.

backstory: I have a great wanderlust, so my goal is to wander the world and have a lot of fun, and "find","stumble upon", and "borrow" all interesting stuff I see, and take it home with me.