Owner: User:LinkCelestrial

Name: Adam Arashi

Age: 16

Race: Human (Key)

Powers: Fire Style, Lightning Style

Freeform: 6

Appearance: Jet black spiked hair. About 6' 2". Wears casual clothes.

Weapons: Assasin Gunblades. Melee, M, 0-3. Range, S, 0-2.

Equipment: Water Clone Magem Ring.

Abilities: Mage Aura (2) Key (3)

Backstory: Adam was raised in another land, not knowing his parents, abilities, or of the beast sealed inside him. He was found and brought back to where he is now, among the Mages.

Spell BookEdit

Aura Dash: Cover a short distance quickly.

Grip: Walk on walls, water, ect.

Fire Style, Dragon Flame: Blast target with the scorching fire of a dragon. Burn. Knockdown. 2-(X - 3) damage. Caster suffers Tiredness (-1 action for 3 turns).

Fire Style, Fire Ball: Breath a ball of fire at target. Burn. 1-(X - 3) damage.

Fire Style, Phoenix Flame: Fire multiple fire balls at targets. Multi-target. 2-(X - 3) damage.

Lightning Style, Chain Lightning: Dash from target to target, shocking them with lightning. 0-3 damage to each target.

Lightning Style, Lightning Armor: Turns your aura shield to lightning. Ignore all incoming spells that deal less than X damage

Secret Technique, Lightning Blade: Coats the users arm in lightning. 1/2 X damage. Lightning Blade stays enabled until it hits a target or the caster dispells it.

Secret Technique, Lightning Dragon: Summons a dragon puppet made out of lightning. It's HP is equal to X and it's damage is 2-(X - 2)

Special, Shikaku KodonaEdit

The users vision is advanced, allowing them to see nearly anything. It also allows for very advanced spells, at a price.

Kodona Flame Style: Adds (+1)-(+1) to fire style attacks, along with Burned, Blast Radius. Caster suffers Drained (Stacking negative effect, 3 rounds)

Kodona Chain Lightning: After dashing from target to target, the area you went through explodes with lightning. 3 damage. Caster suffers Drained (Stacking negative effect, 3 rounds)

Kodona Lightning Armor: Block all incoming attacks. Caster suffers Drained (stacking negative effect, 3 rounds) and Tired (-1 action for 3 turns)

Kodona Lightning Blade: Doubles the damage to 6. Caster suffers Drained (stacking negative effect, 3 rounds) and Tired (-1 action for 3 turns)

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