• Use common sense.
  • Swears like, damn, crap, hell, ect are acceptable as long as they aren't used to insult another user. The "bombs" may be used, sparingly
  • Minor sexual content is acceptable, but if a user is getting offended or disgusted they may ask a CM/Admin to intervene. Sexual RP is not allowed in main chat, along with pornographic material. (Be it smut, pictures or videos, it's a no go.)
  • Personal information beyond age, country and state/province is not acceptable. You may use a picture of yourself as an avatar, or show others pictures of yourself, assuming it doesn't break rule three.
  • Excessive gore is prohibited. Once it goes past blood and where it's coming from it's gone too far.
  • Other disturbing content is also prohibited from RP. Such as, excessive horror themes, torture, ect.
  • Trolling beyond practical jokes and "pulling your chain" is strictly prohibited.
  • If a CM/Admin asks you to stop doing something, stop.
  • A CM/Admin may warn, kick, or ban for anything they feel disrupts chat. If you feel you have been banned unfairly please contact User:LinkCelestrial via his message wall.
  • With both users consent, any of these rules may be ignored in PM. However, if rules are violated in PM without consent you will be held accountable.
  • Be safe, be smart, don't be a jerk.

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